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Bring ideas to life through time validated UX processes that result in scalable, impactful and future-ready design solutions.

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Website SEO Analysis

Optimise your site. Elevate your traffic with a professional Website SEO Analysis! Let every eyeball count!

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New Brand Identity

Revamp your brand. Leverage growth insights with our Brand Audit. Make a statement!

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Social Media Marketing

Boost your followers and impressions. Elevate with expert Social Media Marketing. Reach KPIs now!

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    Our Approach

    • Research
    • Ideate
    • Design


    Foundational research helps us with better understand the user needs and align business objectives to the same. We conduct primary and secondary research that provides data-driven insights enabling ideation phase.

    Heuristic Analysis

    Evaluation of an existing interface to check the compliance with standard usability principles

    UX Audit

    A Quality assurance tool used to ensure business, user experience, & accessibility requirements are met.

    Usability Test

    Study of product usability conducted with a group of representative users via heat maps and survey/interview data.

    Competitive Analysis

    A comparative analysis of competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

    Market Research

    A thorough assessment of market to learn about business needs, potential users, pain points etc.

    SEO Trend Analysis

    Studying trends and preferences in light of the target market.


    Through ideation, we understand the user problem, challenge our assumptions, and brainstorm possible solutions that might just be the next big thing.

    Story boarding

    Storyboarding is a nonlinear brainstorming technique that involves developing a visual story related to a user problem

    Challenge Assumption

    An ideation technique that forces team members to re-define the product assumptions and cross-validate the same.

    How might we

    An exercise to articulate statements/mighty questions that reframe our insights into opportunity areas or design solutions.


    A method for problem-solving in which all team members come up with eccentric ideas and list features that can produce desired outcome.


    A ideation process to come up with gamification ideas in order to help users feel like they’re making progress while using a platform.


    The design phase gives concrete form to the product vision where we combine robust functionality with appealing aesthetics.

    Information Architecture

    IA focuses on organizing, structuring, and labelling content in an effective way that helps users easily find information and complete tasks.

    User Journey Map

    Visual illustration of the user flow through the product, starting with initial contact or discovery, and continuing through the process of engagement into long-term loyalty and advocacy.

    User Experience Design

    Creating digital experiences that are useable, learnable, and enjoyable - produced in accordance with established design principles and guidelines.

    User Interface Design

    Giving life to the design solutions by creating aesthetically pleasing products that are functional and delightful.

    Interaction Design

    Seamless user experience achieved through intuitive micro interactions.

    Engagement Model

    Scope Based Project

    Flexible scope of work, ideal for creating something new on one-time engagement.

    Suitable for short-term projects
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    • Frictionless Delivery.
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    Monthly Subscriptions

    Annual plans curated with fixed deliverables, suitable for routine growth operations

    Suitable for end-to-end solutions
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    Benefits you enjoy!

    • Your “in-house” team.
    • Built for recurring requirement.
    • Fixed deliverables every month


    Long term partnership model that serves a wide range of designed needs.

    Suitable for long-term engagement
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    Benefits you enjoy!

    • Team structure dedicated to your demand.
    • Frictionless Delivery.
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    Currently Brewing

    Empowering EV solutions by creating a spectacular product website

    Simplifying document management solutions through building user-centric platform.

    Reimagining green construction by building a user-centric website.

    Return of Investment

    Increase Sales

    Value of investment in terms of sale is up to $100 for every $1 invested in user experience design for any digital product.

    Reduce Business Cost

    $1 to fix a problem during design would cost $30 to fix the same problem after the product’s development and release.

    Build Customer Loyalty

    Improves the likelihood of recommending a product by 16.6% and decreases the likelihood of switching brands by 15.8%.


    What exactly is UX Design?

    User experience (UX) design is an umbrella term representing the entire process of creating products and services that provide intuitive and delightful experience to their users.

    Why is UI/UX important for a business?

    The simplicity and aesthetics of your digital products such as website, native app etc. can determine or influence whether your potential client wants to use your service.

    Why is it important to follow UX design process?

    The implementation of the UX design process allows designers to test and iterate a wide range of concepts in order to discover the best design solution and adhere to high standards of quality and consistency in design.

    Is it worth spending on UI/UX design for a business?

    Yes, absolutely. Strong user experience is essential for businesses as it builds trust and creates long-term relationships with target consumers. According to a research study, 87% of design-mature companies believe that design leads to higher sales, 60% of companies claim that design brings higher customer retention.

    Other Services


    End-to-end corporate branding services that develop your brand's marketing positioning, visual identity, and brand story.



    Customizable digital marketing services that create bold campaigns to gain visibility and increase customers.


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