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Transforming the rental eco-system by establishing a distinctive market position through a powerful visual brand style.

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Project Description

Smartown is a one stop shop for all renting needs/wants that helps improve one’s lifestyle sustainably. The mission of the brand is to reduce carbon imprint and touch as many lives as possible revolutionizing renting experience with high quality products.

Brand Positioning

Branding SmartOwn to become a customer-centric, Trustworthy, Innovative, and Value-driven brand for improved lifestyle through a sustainable model.

Uplifting Lifestyles Sustainably

The brand's main message is to improve consumers' lifestyles in a sustainable way.

One Stop Shop

Smartown stands out as a one stop place for all rental needs providing a hassle-free user experience.

Client Value over Money

The product range and services are economical serving all kinds of customer needs.

Trend Setters

Now rent house furniture & decor that doesn’t compromise on style.

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