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Job Description
  • Design Brewery is seeking an experienced Business Development Manager - Sales, To help us achieve our company's growth goals . You are in charge of directing the department, managing the business development team, and cultivating enduring client connections.
Responsible for
  • Generating leads for new business by discovering and fostering new business through networking.
  • Provide current and potential clients with product and service demonstrations and help them choose the options that are best for their needs.
  • Responsible for End to End sales.
  • Recognizing the various and unique business demands of consumers and using service/product expertise to satisfy those needs.
  • Keep up productive client relationships and efficiently meet their needs.
  • By exercising business development leadership, one can ensure that operations are conducted in a way that will optimize the company's profitability and earning potential.
  • Close business negotiations while taking project specifications, deadlines, and commercials into mind.
  • Create your own team, and take responsibility for implementing the organization's culture and vision as well as encouraging teamwork among the members of the team.
  • Must have worked for a Design Agency.
  • A graduate degree in business, preferably an MBA.
  • 5 years of sales and business development experience.
  • Strong communication and team engagement skills.
  • An eye for details.
  • An extra mile going person.
  • Preferable qualifications include moving a startup or mid-level business to the next level.
  • No barriers for a good candidate.
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